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The ultimate black towel
- aiming to be 100% black.


The ultimate black towel
- aiming to be 100% black.

Looking for a really black towel.

Did you know that it is actually really difficult to dye fabric black?
That is why traditional black towels have been a weak, somewhat faded color.
Even though it may look black in a photograph, the real thing may not be so black and the color may look weak if viewed in a well-lit place.
For example towels have not yet managed to achieve the same blackness as the dyes used in black formal wear, have they?
At FUJITAKA, we have been working on developing dyeing technology with the aim of producing a completely black towel.

The journey towards discovering
real black started with a
search for dyes.

We wanted to produce a deep black color, as found in lacquer ware or black formal wear.
The first thing we did was to look for black dyes.
The stock of dyes in FUJITAKA’s dyeing plant alone was not enough.
We ordered various black dyes, changed their concentration and tried blending them with other colors.
For each blend we repeatedly carried out the tasks of dyeing the thread, weaving the towels on looms, washing and drying the end products and checking the color.
And finally we came up with this black.
We came up with this shade of black by using a dark dye that is about 1.6 times as dark as the black previously used.

Developing a blacker dyed yarn.

Even with a good dye, we could not dye the yarn a dark shade using the existing thread.
So we carefully selected cotton with a long fiber length to develop new yarn that would take a deeper color.
Through a process of trial and error, we tried to reduce fluff and make the color brighter.
We also used various expertise to figure out the thickness of the yarn fibers and succeeded in increasing the dye absorption rate from 10% to 25%.
Towels that have been impregnated to the limit with the black dye still look completely black, even in a well-lit place.
We have produced a black towel that does not easily lose its color or fade, even when it is washed.

Have a look and compare
the blackness.

In order to further master the shade of black, we carried out a series of tests by trial and error in our weaving methods and all our other processes.
The result we arrived at, was to weave an orthodox, easy-to-use pile.
With our own unique finish, we have produced an exquisite hue like shiny black lacquer ware.
When put beside with an old black towel, you can tell the difference in color at a glance.
Naturally these towels have very absorbent and great to touch, and they are also perfect for that uncompromising work-out style.
If you use them at home, they will upgrade the inside of your bath room. The name is BK100.
Please use these towels, rigorously produced to be 100% black, at home or as a gift.

Product information




Tips for using our towels

Tips for using our towels

Our towels are made of delicate fabric.
Here are some tips for using them comfortably,
over a long period.

First Use
  • New towels are nicer to use if you wash them once.
  • At first the towels may shed some fine fluff, but this will stop after several washes.
    ※ This does not include towels with zero-twist yarn (non-intertwined threads)
  • New towels may fade in color if they are stored in that state for a long number of years, so please wash them as soon as you get them.
Washing Instructions
  • Wash towels so that they are immersed in plenty of water.
  • Washing machines with a drum only spray a small amount of water onto the laundry to remove the dirt, which risks the pile hardening. If you are using a drum-type machine then it's better to use the dryer feature to finish off the towels and plumpen the pile. Select a wash setting that pumps through as much water as possible.
  • Please note that there is a risk of the pile being caught if you wash towels with things that have zips or velcro.
Choosing a washing detergent
  • Please avoid using detergents with whitening fluorescents or chlorine bleach, as there is a risk of discoloration.
  • Please refrain from using fabric softener as this may damage the absorbency of the towel. We only recommend using it for towels that have hardened with age.
  • Leaving the water to evaporate from towels over a long period of time causes the pile to collapse and harden.
  • Please dry towels quickly, as the pile will collapse and harden if the towels are left as is after the water has evaporated.
  • Dry in a well-ventilated shaded area as strong sunlight causes fading and makes the towels hard.
  • Please note that leaving towels wet can cause odors, fungi and bacteria to form.
To sustain the volume
  • When drying your towel after it has been washed, please take both ends, shake it with a snap, pull it into shape and leave to dry to ensure that you always have a soft, plump towel to use. Shaking it in the air makes the fibers stand up and ensures a fluffy finish.
  • Try not to crush towels as far as possible and store them in a plumped-up state.
  • Store in a well-ventilated place, as towels will absorb moisture.
If the pile ends up snagged
  • Our towels are made of delicate fabric, so the pile may end up getting snagged on a nail etc.
  • If any of the pile is sticking out, trim it at the base with a pair of scissors. In this event, please be careful not to damage the base of the fabric.
  • If the hem or the selvedge ends up frayed, you can stop any further fraying by going over it with a sewing machine.