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The Quick-drying Pale | FUJITAKA TOWEL
Just 3.5 hours drying time
- even indoors, or in cloudy weather.
Still its feels great.

The Quick-drying Pale

Just 3.5 hours drying time
- even indoors, or in cloudy weather.
Still its feels great.

As the way we do our
laundry changes,
so towels also need to evolve.

In Japan the way we do the washing continues to change.
These days as more women go out to work they have less time to do the housework; advances in washing machines mean that more laundry is done at night; and there is an increasing tendency to dry the washing indoors to avoid pollen and dirt from the outside etc.
Towels, which need to be washed every day, must also evolve.
As a towel maker, we made it our mission to launch the “Quick-drying Pale” with ideal quick-drying properties.

The secret of the towel's drying
properties lies in the new thread.

It took around 2 years to complete this ground-breaking towel that can dry in just 3.5 hours whether in cloudy weather, indoors, or in the shade of winter.
The secret of its quick-drying properties is a new thread that uses cleverly proportioned materials.
“Normally towels are made of cotton material, but this towel is a mix of cotton with more than 40% polyester - a material that repels moisture well.”
However in this towel we have made the polyester into an ultra-fine microfiber that is only used in the core of the pile's thread, developing it into a dual-layered thread that is completely covered in cotton, so that the outside of the thread that comes into contact with the skin is cotton.
Creating something that feels more comfortable and softer than cotton.

Even though the towel is
quick-drying, we have not
compromised on its thickness.

The Quick-drying Pale is a towel that overcomes another difficult problem; namely that of volume.
Normally, quick-drying towels use a short pile (fiber) that is light and thin in order to reduce moisture content.
“At FUJITAKA, from the outset our approach was to think of the thickness of each thread; and we used a special spinning method to ensure a plump finish.”
And we have managed to create a towel with a long pile, while keeping it easy-to-dry by ingeniously making the core portion of the base yarn a lighter weight.
We have succeeded in creating a towel that is renowned for being very quick-drying and at the same time having a great plump texture; a towel whose sense of volume holds it own with FUJITAKA’s classic towels.

It comes in a size that makes
it easy to wash and dry.

The “Pale” in Quick-Drying Pale means “pale color.”
The towel comes in a range of pale colors to give a bright feeling even when dried indoors.
The Quick-drying Pale does not come in bath towel size.
If customers want to use it for the bath, we recommend that they order the “face-long” size which is the same width as the face towel but in a longer size.
While it is smaller than a bath towel, it can absorb enough moisture to dry your whole body and several towels can be washed in one go.
You can also save space when drying it indoors, as it is the same width as a coat-hanger.
After 3.5 hours you can take it down and be left with a tidy room.
This is the ideal towel for those who want to live in a compact, yet efficient, manner.

Product information

The Quick-drying Pale



Tips for using our towels

Tips for using our towels

Our towels are made of delicate fabric.
Here are some tips for using them comfortably,
over a long period.

First Use
  • New towels are nicer to use if you wash them once.
  • At first the towels may shed some fine fluff, but this will stop after several washes.
    ※ This does not include towels with zero-twist yarn (non-intertwined threads)
  • New towels may fade in color if they are stored in that state for a long number of years, so please wash them as soon as you get them.
Washing Instructions
  • Wash towels so that they are immersed in plenty of water.
  • Washing machines with a drum only spray a small amount of water onto the laundry to remove the dirt, which risks the pile hardening. If you are using a drum-type machine then it's better to use the dryer feature to finish off the towels and plumpen the pile. Select a wash setting that pumps through as much water as possible.
  • Please note that there is a risk of the pile being caught if you wash towels with things that have zips or velcro.
Choosing a washing detergent
  • Please avoid using detergents with whitening fluorescents or chlorine bleach, as there is a risk of discoloration.
  • Please refrain from using fabric softener as this may damage the absorbency of the towel. We only recommend using it for towels that have hardened with age.
  • Leaving the water to evaporate from towels over a long period of time causes the pile to collapse and harden.
  • Please dry towels quickly, as the pile will collapse and harden if the towels are left as is after the water has evaporated.
  • Dry in a well-ventilated shaded area as strong sunlight causes fading and makes the towels hard.
  • Please note that leaving towels wet can cause odors, fungi and bacteria to form.
To sustain the volume
  • When drying your towel after it has been washed, please take both ends, shake it with a snap, pull it into shape and leave to dry to ensure that you always have a soft, plump towel to use. Shaking it in the air makes the fibers stand up and ensures a fluffy finish.
  • Try not to crush towels as far as possible and store them in a plumped-up state.
  • Store in a well-ventilated place, as towels will absorb moisture.
If the pile ends up snagged
  • Our towels are made of delicate fabric, so the pile may end up getting snagged on a nail etc.
  • If any of the pile is sticking out, trim it at the base with a pair of scissors. In this event, please be careful not to damage the base of the fabric.
  • If the hem or the selvedge ends up frayed, you can stop any further fraying by going over it with a sewing machine.